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Grass Baskets

We stock an assortment of finely woven basketry made by local grass artisans. Our range of grass baskets includes rural traditional weaves like the Xhosa Ingobozi as well as contemporary weaves and designs made from different grasses and other natural fibers like sisal. We have baskets in all shapes and sizes, including laundry baskets, grass bowls, grass pot plant holders, grass shoppers bags, picnic baskets etc. Prices range from R250 – R1 800.

Leather bags

Our leather bags are handcrafted by Seventy Four leather and artisanal leather studio based in Wilderness. Each bag is handcrafted, and can take up to 2 days to make. The products range from slinger bags, shopper bags, smaller clutch bags and rucksacks. Our beautiful range includes bags made in natural colours, as wells as funky, and playful brights. Prices range from R1 200 to R 1 800.

Beaded bags

Stoep Designs stock a unique range of beaded handbags. The designs reflect a contemporary African look and feel, with vibrant colours. The bags are handmade by Itita Creations an East London based craft and design business. Prices range from R1000 – R1 600.

Artist Printed Food Bowl Covers and Wine Bags

Kidds Beach artist Janine Matthew is the creative artist behind the Nini products we stock at Stoep designs. The Nini product range includes hand printed environmentally friendly food bowl covers, wine bags and small artist printed fabric containers. Prices range between R100 and R400.

Sisal Lampshades and Sisal Baskets

These beautiful products are handmade by the Nonqubela Weavers from Ilinge Township, 20kms outside Komani (Queenstown) in the Eastern Cape. These products are made from natural organic sisal fibre. Nonqubela Weavers work with the raw sisal, which is dyed, and all done on a wood fire. After the dying process the sisal is spun on an electrical spinning machine into 2 ply sisal. This beautiful product range includes picnic baskets, laundry baskets and lampshades. The prices range R250 and R1 800.

Telephone Wire Products

These beautiful handwoven bowls are made by the Umziwethu Women’s Co-op near Kenton on Sea in the Eastern Cape. Telephone wire basket weaving originated with night shift security workers who used age-old grass basket weaving techniques to decorate their security sticks (knobkierries) with discarded telephone wire. Stoep Designs stock a variety of artfully designed bowls in different sizes and colours. Prices range from R200 – R1 600.


Stoep Designs stocks a variety of handmade ceramics. The curated selection of ceramics include raku works, contemporary designs as well as African inspired designs. The ceramic product range includes artistic platters, candleholders, cups, mugs, and vessels made by renowned Gqeberha artists Lookout Sibanda, Marlene Nepgen, Lise Walker and Kate Malan, as well as Pret a Pot Ceramics. We also have a limited range of Meschack Masuku’s work as well as of Cape Town ceramic artist Natasha Krull. Prices range from R80 to R3000 for ceramics items.

Mohair Carpets and Felt Animals

These products are made by the Nceduluntu Wesley Community Project, which is a non-profit organization that facilitates community driven socio-economic development through entrepreneurship, income generation, skills development, poverty relief and capacity building. The carpets are handwoven on looms with 100% natural mohair, and the animals are needle felted, and made from pure merino and Southdown wool. Product prices range from R200 – R 1500.

Hand Embroidered Cushions and Tote Bags

Each of these cushions and tote bags are individually hand embroidered. These products are made by the famous Keiskamma Arts Group from Hamburg, Eastern Cape. The Keiskamma Arts group is world – famous for their large textile artworks, which serve to archive the rural Eastern Cape’s collective memory and preserve oral history. This project has won numerous awards. The cushions depict fauna, flora, birds, and animals from their area, and each product is signed by its maker. Prices range from R600 – R1000.

Artist Print Cushions

Stoep Designs stocks a range of beautiful print cushions made by Gqeberha fine artist Shelley-Anne Graham. Shelley creates eclectically designed artworks depicting the feminine form, as well as African patterns. Stoep Designs has a beautiful selection of these scatter cushion. Prices range from R660-R1200.

Traditional range

Stoep Designs stocks a well curated range of traditional attire and traditional beadwork. The attire includes beautifully made Mbako sets, beaded doeks, peplums with intricate beading, and contemporary African design wrap skirts. The beaded jewellery includes traditional Vulakabini, Inketane, Nobaxa beads, male headgear, beaded collars, beaded pins, beaded earrings, as well as beaded waistcoats and much more. Prices range from R150 – R4000.

Free Stitch Threads

Stoep Designs stocks a range of quirky free-stitch Thread by Molo Mimi. Molo Mimi’s Lise Nettleton who is an artist from Port Alfred, deconstructs the traditional technique of sewing, and uses torn fabrics, collected off-cuts, old swatch books and clothes to create these Art Threads. These threads can be used as framed wall art or as appliqued design. Prices range between R380 – R450.


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